Why WE created the GRRO Platform is very simple... To Help YOU GRRO Your Practice!

I’ve been a Sports Chiropractor for over 20 years and my wife Terri has been an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer for over 28. Over that time we have practiced apart, together and then apart again and learned a lot about healthcare and the business of healthcare from owning our own private practice to working in corporate healthcare settings. Bottom line is that no matter how good of a practice you have or a clinician you are - you need patients to enter into the practice.

All too often as clinicians we approach everything from a clinicians viewpoint and mindset but the truth is, in practice you have to shift your mindset AND skill set to that of a practice owner and eventual CEO of the business. You've got to act the part and play the part to get the end results you want.

In the last 8+ years I’ve been double dipping in my second entrepreneurial adventure of sales and marketing for small businesses and of course my emphasis has been with healthcare practitioners. We love working with healthcare professionals and seeing them take their practices (and their life) to the next level. We take them through a dynamic and evolving process or method to "diagnose" if you wish where they are at and where they want to go. We then assist them in implementing changes in their mindset and skillset with our coaching, frameworks and our marketing systems and process. This has come together to create the Practice Leverage Method.

The Practice Leverage Method is for the passionate private practice healthcare professional who wants a consistent flow of new patients coming through the doors (in under 90 days) and also wants and needs freedom from the tech and marketing overwhelm of growing their practice. Unlike other 1-OFF lead generation marketing services and companies, Practice Insiders Edge and the Practice Leverage Method along with our GRRO Platform deliver Patient Relationship Systems and Repeatable Practice Marketing Frameworks…all in one place.

As technology and our marketplace advance - so must the provider! All too often, that is NOT the case. Healthcare professionals most often seem to take the back seat to progress when it comes to marketing their practice and this GRRO Platform is a BIG part of the Practice Leverage System which changes and evolves the clinician while saving time and money. Here again is where the the clinician MUST advance to the business owner and CEO.

With technology comes “systems” and all too often you have to take 7 or 12 of them and duct taped them together to make the perfect one. Well, we wanted to provide the ALL-IN-ONE Platform to take away the stress and allow you to grow your practice with as much automation in one place and with as little stress as possible and fiscally reasonable as well.

We have finally found a team of engineers and developers that allowed us to create a system that will GRRO Your Practice Results, Build Patient Relationships, and Increase Practice Revenue that is easy-to-use and at an affordable price. I encourage you to book a Discovery Session with me and check it out.

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